BA in Business, Social Enterprise, and Community Development

BA in Business Enterprise & Community Development

This is Year Three of a four year BA (Hons) in Business, in Social Enterprise, Leadership & Management. It is a part-time Distance Learning Programme Accredited by The Technological University of the Shannon. You will have the opportunity to develop your interest in the fields of Business, Enterprise & Community Development and to enhance your competencies towards becoming effective administrators, managers or organisers in these areas.

Who is it For

Completion of this programme will be of particular interest to you if you are:

  • A Graduate of Equal Ireland’s Higher Certificate in Business, Enterprise & Community Development
  • A Graduate of a Comparative Level 6 programme
  • An owner/Manager or Sole Trader
  • A Community Activist
  • An Entrepreneur with a business idea
  • A Volunteer in a Community Group or Organisation

Entry Requirements

Applicants are required to have successfully achieved either:

  • The EQUAL Ireland Higher Certificate in Business, Enterprise & Community Development
  • A Level 6 Higher Certificate award in a relevant discipline
  • Successful completion fo a Recognition of Prior Learinng Portfolio (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning

This method of entry is available to you in the event that you do not have the required formal educational qualifications, but have gained relevant knowledge and experience from work and community involvement etc.

Assessment Information

This programme is assessed through an array of continuous applied projects, both group and individual.